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One of the most challenging tasks facing a company's hiring manager today is the search for management-level employees. CMI's staff is dedicated to searching out and providing to you those individuals who are the most highly qualified for the positions you are seeking to fill. Through our extensive database and network of contacts we are able to recruit "hidden" candidates in addition to those applicants who are conducting a full-scale job search.

CMI has developed a unique recruiting process that begins with you, the client company. We want to understand your business culture and environment as well as what you are looking for in a prospective employee. From there we go to work for you - providing you with thoroughly screened and referenced individuals from which to make your hiring decision.

The benefit to companies of using a professional recruiter is significant. When you allow us to partner with you to provide recruiting support, you free up your time and energy to concentrate on the business at hand. For you that might mean growing your business, being and staying competitive in your industry, or just having fun, without worrying about the "hiring headaches".


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