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CMI offers a full array of HR Partner Programs and services developed over the last 15 years. We specialize in providing outsourced human resources support designed to protect businesses by ensuring compliance with all governing agencies, assisting clients with developing an infrastructure which supports the employee relationship from both management and employee perspectives, and supporting business owners to provide peace of mind.

According to HR Magazine, outsourced HR services are one of the best cost control mechanisms available to small to mid-sized businesses today.

At CMI, HR professionals consistently monitor regulatory changes at both the state and federal level. They are familiar with the laws governing employment policies and can answer questions covering a wide variety of employment situations.

The customized onsite and online HR Partner Programs offered by CMI provide businesses a cost-effective solution to HR compliance. CMI is perfectly suited for that task with nearly two decades of experience and a strong HR consulting team.

Over the course of the contract term, a CMI HR Consultant will provide on-site support as needed providing risk mitigation and will advise on ongoing regulatory compliance, benefits administration, staff additions and terminations, and general Human Resources Management. An additional key responsibility of CMI will be to advise the executive staff on strategic opportunities to enhance the work environment.

CMI can also provide the management team with HR tools to keep your business moving ahead. CMI’s HR Partner on line subscription model allows the confident and expeditious creation of employment documents and forms, and provide guide-lines and information on regulations and policies. The programs allow any business professional to navigate the HR minefield, and the subscription programs come with CMI’s excellent on call coaching assistance by seasoned HR professionals.

This level of expertise is what a company receives when outsourcing to CMI HR Partner programs.

CMI - an HR solution to meet your all your HR needs today … and into the future.




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