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     Topics Covered in Career Transition Programs

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  Career Transition Programs
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  Topics Covered in Career Transition Programs

Dealing with Change
  • Record-keeping
  • Job Search Budget
  • How most people feel when they have lost their job
  • The down-side of holding onto negative emotions
  • Learning to Let Go
  • You and your family
  • Adjusting to your altered life-style

Making the Transition
  • Knowing what to change and what to keep
  • Exploring your strengths
  • Summing it up: goals, assets, areas to improve, attitude
  • Deciding where you want to go
  • Identifying your weaknesses

Organizing the Job Search
  • Assessing opportunities in the job market
  • Developing a Job Search Strategy and campaign
  • Three tools for job seekers: resume, network, letters
  • Interview techniques
  • Reality Check - Jobs vs Goals
  • The resume, its role, its uses, importance
  • Other job search tools: internet, ads, etc.

Conducting a Job Search Campaign
  • Following your plan
  • Looking for opportunity behind every obstacle
  • Persevere, be realistic and adaptable
  • Matching job offers - your goals vs reality



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