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     Services Provided to the Employer

  Services Provided to the Employer
  Value to the Organization
  Career Transition Programs
  Services Provided to Affected Individuals
  Topics Covered in Career Transition Programs

  • Review the objectives the employer seeks to accomplish with the contemplated termination.

  • Assist the employer in evaluating its current severance policies and practices, and comparing those with industry or community norms.

  • Assist the employer in identifying and adequately preparing for the impact of the termination on the remaining employees, from both an organizational and a legal perspective.

  • Assist the employer in developing an external communication program regarding the termination that might be directed to media, shareholders, and/or customers.

  • Assist the employer in developing an internal communication program directed to those employees who will remain with the employer.

  • Determine the appropriate level of services that should be provided the individual(s) who will be terminated.

  • Prepare and train the employees of the employer who will be responsible for communicating the termination decision to the affected individuals.

  • Coach managers who will remain with the employer on how to respond to "reference checks" on individuals in transition by prospective employers.

  • Report back to the employer periodically on the status of the terminated individuals.


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