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Human Resource Solutions!

CMI provides a variety of high quality, state of the art instruments designed to measure what you want measured in a potential or existing employee. Assessments offer real value to you in giving you the right information you need to make these very important decisions.

These validated assessment instruments help companies to make:

  • The best hiring decisions
  • The best training decision
  • The best promotion / transfer decisions
  • The best succession planning decisions
  • Some of the products available include:

    Profile XT Assessment

    The Profile XT™ helps you put the right people into every job. It's also an excellent guide for managing and training more effectively. The Profile XT can be used by any business or organization and can be customized for differences in geography, management styles, and corporate cultures. Excellent for all levels of prospective employees. Measures a person’s general abilities, motivation/interests, and 24 work-related personality characteristics.

    Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

    The Myers-Briggs is an excellent tool for introducing “diversity” to your group. Good for communications and team-building.

    Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP)

    The Comprehensive Personality Profile is a comprehensive tool designed to describe an individual’s character in terms of job-related strengths and weaknesses. It is commonly used for sales, service, management and team building.

    The Step One Survey

    Assists companies in determining if a prospective employee is honest, reliable, drug-free, and hard-working. Did you know that employee fraud and theft robs American businesses of over $400 billion annually? That's $9 per employee, per day! Great for entry level workers in a variety of environments including retail, office/clerical and manufacturing / production settings.

    CheckPoint 360

    The Profiles CheckPoint 360 Competency Feedback System™ is a process executives use to help their Managers become more effective. Managers receive feedback from the full circle of people with whom they interact. The report tells you how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for participants to enjoy greater success.


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